Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Issue With the IBM Connections Plugin for IBM Notes - Solved

After installing the Connections plugin for IBM Notes I couldn't seem to get either Files, Activities or Status Updates to work.  I could however connect to Greenhouse with no issue.  I also reach my Connections server via the web or via the desktop plugin as well. 

Another oddity was that none of the other integrated Connections components would work such as the business card integration in Sametime.

It turned out to be SSL related.  Specifically, I use IBM HTTP Server to front end Connections and use a URL rewrite to force any incoming HTTP traffic to use HTTPS instead.  It appears that the Connections plugin for Notes had an issue with that URL rewrite.

In order to force the plugin for Notes to use HTTPS only, I changed the LotusConnections-config.xml file to point all static href parameters to be https instead of http. 

Then I reset the Connections back to defaults, entered the server, my user id and password and applied the changes.  This changed all my Accounts to use HTTPS.  Once I did that, all parts of the Notes plugin worked perfectly.  Of course, if you have a similar issue you can test this yourself manually by changing the Accounts one at a time and see if it helps you.


  1. Having exactly the same issue, will test this tomorrow

  2. Confirmed working except for activities

  3. Not to state the obvious and you've probably done it but can you double check your XML file? There's always a chance for a slip of the finger or missing an entry.

  4. Hi Steve, thanks a lot for this hint... One question >> after the modification of the XML file the HTTPS redirect in the httpd.conf is not longer necessary... Correct ??

  5. Hi Rainer,

    This mod is just a workaround to fix the Notes plugin issue. The URL rewrite is still necessary if you plan on using a browser and redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS.


  6. Hi Steve,
    i'll test this in the moment, hope this will fix a file upload issue here. One more question: Do you use forceConfidentialCommunications enabled="true" in your LotusConnections-config.xml?

  7. Hi Christoph...I do not. Perhaps that would work instead as an easier solution. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

  8. Hi again,

    i validated my problem.

    When i set forceConfidentialCommunitcations to true then i get errors when i want to upload files through the Notes Plugin. When i change sloc:href... to the https address as you described in your post, the file upload works!

    I think the forceConf... does the same as you in your httpd.conf. I think we should open a pmr on this.

    Regards and thanks for sharing.

  9. Went into Accounts and changed the files URL entry to "https" and BOOM I can now upload files from my sidebar widget. Thanks!

  10. Steve what is your rewrite rule to force the traffic to SSL?
    I use the same method as Cristoph above - set the "force.conf.comm.enabled" property to true in LotusConnections-config. This has worked 100% for me :-)

  11. Hi Jared, here's my rules.

    35 SSLEngine On
    37 ServerName cnx.domain.com
    38 DocumentRoot /www/ibmcnx
    39 RewriteEngine On
    40 RewriteRule ^/$ https://cnx.domain.com/homepage [L,R]
    41 UserDir public_html
    44 ServerName cnx.domain.com
    45 DocumentRoot /www/ibmcnx
    46 RewriteEngine On
    47 RewriteRule ^/(.*) https://cnx.domain.com/homepage [L,R]
    48 UserDir public_html

  12. I have issues with just activties and nothing seems to be fixing it...anyone else?

  13. what about email notifications? i want the url to change from http to https? does force.conf.comm.enabled fix this?